New Actor for Bursa’s Shining Sector

Artitech Otomotiv made a ‘hello’ dinner to the sector and Necmettin Ünal, one of the owners of the company, told about his goals.

Bursa'nın parlayan sektörüne yeni aktör

Artitech Otomotiv’s owners Hakan Hanağasıoğlu, Necmettin Ünal and Sadık Muttalimov welcomed their guests at the door and exhibited an exemplary host.

Necmettin Ünal, one of the owners of the company who made the opening speech of the night, said, “As Artitech Otomotiv, we believe that it will bring a new perspective, a new dynamism and excitement to the sector in every sense. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their devoted efforts since our establishment.”

Gülten who performed in the night became the architect of the entertainment in the night. The guests who accompanied the songs with their dances had a pleasant night.



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