Artitech Otomotiv

Environmental Policy

As ARTITECH Automotive, our aim is;

In the production of air suspension bellows, while carrying out our activities, to be able to leave a livable environment and usable natural resources to future generations, to fulfill its responsibilities in order to not pollute the environment

In this context;

• Carrying out its activities in accordance with the legislation by applying legal and other conditions,

• Prevents environmental pollution by reducing waste at source and recycling

• Working with the aim of reducing the consumable natural resources and leaving a livable world for future generations,

• Keeping the issue on the agenda in order to improve the environmental awareness of our employees and their contribution to the environment,

• Acting with the awareness that the world we live in is common to all living things,

• Conducting joint works with the related parties who are affected by our environmental performance,

Being a company is among our main goals.

All our employees are responsible for implementing our Quality Management System and continuously improving their effectiveness.

Top Management will be a constant follower of the implementation of the understanding of quality policy by all employees, the fulfillment of its requirements and the effectiveness of it.

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