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Air Conditioning – Cold Storage

Rubber and its derivatives, which are the main inputs of production, undergo metamorphosis depending on the conditions of the environment they are in. Rubber products are products that are affected by the temperature and humidity balance of the environment they are in. After they are produced, they begin to lose their vitality functions and properties. Storing these products with cold storage after production preserves the content of the product and ensures that it can be used for a long time without losing its properties. The Cold Storage in our factory is insulated and has air conditioning system. We can store our rubber products here and send them to production without losing their properties.

Cordcloth Cutting Process

In the cord fabric cutting machine, according to the product part manufacturing plan prepared specifically for each product, the cutting process is done automatically in full length and angle dimensions.

Conveyor Automatic Winding Process

In the conveyor automatic wrapping machine, according to the product part manufacturing plan prepared specifically for each product, the inner rubber, the first cord, the second cord, and the outer rubber components are cut in the specified dimensions and automatically wrapped.

Automatic Wire Processing

Block or steel wire mounting is performed by selecting the recipes prepared according to the product part manufacturing plans in the automatic wire wire machine.

Preforming Process

The recipes prepared in the forming machine are selected, and before the products enter the vulcanized mold, shaping is done before the vulcanization process in order to get the mold shape in the most accurate way.

Vulcanization Baking Process

By determining the in-mould, lower and upper body temperatures and cooking times of the pre-shaped rollings, vulcanized bellows is produced.

Closure Process

In the closing press, operation cards prepared specifically for each product are closed at a certain pressure and force with vulcanized bellows and plate auxiliary material.

Spinning Process

In the plastering machine, the operation cards, vulcanized bellows and piston auxiliary material prepared specifically for the products in question are plastered by attaching a piston to the products with a certain pressure and force.

Pistoning Process

In the pistoning machine, the operation cards prepared specifically for each product, the nuts and bolts are automatically tightened at the Torque force determined specifically for the products for Plastic and Metal pistons.

Sealing Process

Before each product that comes out of production is shipped, it is controlled by keeping it in the sealing machine for 1 minute by applying 5 bar pressure to the product for air leakage control.

Steam Generator

Our steam generator and high air pressure compressors in our factory provide the hot steam and pressure necessary for the products to be cooked in the vulcanization presses at the most accurate temperature and pressure values.

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